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The Service Unit is responsible for the management and maintenance of the IPLA’s communications and computer facilities. This includes, properly speaking, the local network, WiFi network, servers, personal computers, printers and other peripherals, as well as complementary telephone equipment, audiovisual material and computer connections of the laboratory analysis apparatus.


To guarantee the operation of the facilities and the support to users in the use of them in the following areas:

Computing: installation of operating systems and programs on desktop computers; support in the use of programs, diagnosis of problems, equipment and peripherals breakdowns and problem solving for software or viruses. Solution of computer connections of laboratory analysis equipment. Installation of servers and implementation of corporate services (DNS, web, electronic requests, online documentation, network storage spaces, etc). Management and maintenance of servers, backup copies, etc. Collection of computer and related material: damaged computers, printers, etc. are deposited in this Service in order to keep the usable parts as spare parts, communicate the administrative discharge and process the withdrawal to a clean point of electronic material.
Communications: Management and maintenance of the local network, both cable infrastructure and WiFi antennas and switches, perimeter firewall, VPN server, WiFi concentrator and local firewall for internal private networks. Local management of the IPLA connection to Rediris.
Purchase of computer equipment: Technical advice prior to acquisition.

Contact person: Leandro Fernández Méndez