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Dairy Starters and Biopreservation

The DairySafe Group, led by Dr. Ana Rodríguez González, began its work in the 1990s with the inauguration of the IPLA. Since then it has been involved in microbiology research projects with the aim of improving the quality and safety of dairy products. The group’s main research line is the physico-chemical characterisation of artisanal-made cheeses from Asturias, and the isolation and identification of the lactic bacteria present in them. The goal of this research is the design of specific starter cultures for cheesemaking. The group also works on the implementation of sustainable biopreservation strategies for dairy products based on the use of antimicrobial agents of biological origin (e.g., bacteriocins and bacteriophages).

The DairySafe Group also participates in the training of students, via practical work and the supervision of masters and doctoral theses.

Research activities by DairySafe