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Research Lines

The main aim of the group is oriented towards the development and implementation of omic analytical technologies and methodologies that offer solutions and provide quality analytical information for the study of nutraceuticals and functional foods based on dairy products in order to promote healthy ageing, supporting the research lines of IPLA. The group’s own lines of research include:

1. Nutraceuticals and functional foods based on dairy products for healthy aging through an integrated multidisciplinary approach.

  • 1.1. Establishment and implementation of in vitro models
  • 1.2 Development of mass spectrometry-based methodologies for bioavailability studies in dairy matrices using isotopic labeling.
  • 1.3 Study of the effect of isotopically labeled nutraceuticals, as supplements and in matrices derived from dairy products, in relation to their bioactivity and bioefficacy
  • 1.4. Clinical studies of nutritional supplementation for the neuroprotective treatment of neurodegenerative diseases associated with age.

2. Study of the relationship between diet, nutrients and the formation of pathogenic aggregates through the development of advanced analytical methodologies based on mass spectrometry and omics disciplines.

  • 2.1 Dyshomeostasis of metals and bioactive compounds
  • 2.2 Multi-omic characterization of (neuro)-degenerative processes associated with age in an in vitro model that produces pathogenic protein aggregates.

3. Development of omic analytical methodologies for the study of the microbiota and its effects on health.

  • 3.1 Study of the effect of methionine in the diet on the intestinal microbiome and metabolic syndrome