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Publicaciones Año 2017

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  • Gutiérrez-Díaz, I.; Fernández-Navarro, T.; Salazar, N.; Bartolomé, B.; Moreno-Arribas, M.V.; de Andrés-Galiana, E.J.; Fernández-Martínez, J.L.; de los Reyes-Gavilán, C.G.; Gueimonde, M. and  González, S. 2017.  Adherence to a Mediterranean diet influences the fecal metabolic profile of microbial-derived phenolics in a Spanish cohort of middle-age and older people. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 65(3):586-595.   
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  • Nogacka, A.; Salazar, N.; Suárez, M.; Milani, C.; Arboleya, S.; Solís, G, Fernández, N.; Aláez, L.; Hernández-Barranco, A.H.; de los Reyes-Gavilán, C.G.; Ventura, M. and Gueimonde M. 2017. Impact of intrapartum antimicrobial prophylaxis upon the intestinal microbiota and the prevalence of antibiotic-resistance genes in vaginally delivered full-term neonates. Microbiome. 5:Art. 93.                                      
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