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Publicaciones Año 2009

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  • Begovic, J.; Huys, G.; Mayo, B.; D’Haene, K.; Florez, A.B.; Lozo, J.; Kojic, M.; Strahinic, I.; Topisirovic, L. 2009. Human vaginal Lactobacillus rhamnosus harbor mutation in 23S rRNA associated with erythromycin resistance. Research in Microbiology 160:421-426
  • Alegría, Á.; Álvarez-Martín, P.; Sacristán, N.; Fernández, E.; Delgado, S.; Mayo, B. 2009. Diversity and evolution of the microbial populations during manufacture and ripening of Casín, a traditional Spanish, starter-free cheese made from cow’s milk. International Journal of Food Microbiology 136:44-51
  • Kafili, T.; Razavi, S.H.; Djomeh, Z.E.; Naghavi, M.R.; Álvarez-Martín, P.; Mayo, B. 2009. Microbial characterization of Iranian traditional Lighvan cheese over manufacturing and ripening via culturing and PCR-DGGE analysis: Identification and typing of dominant lactobacilli. European Food Research and Technology 229:83-92