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Publicaciones Año 2016

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  • Alegría, A., González, P., Delgado, S., Flórez, A. B., Hernández-Barranco, A., Rodríguez, A., and Mayo, B. 2106. Characterisation of the technological behaviour of mixtures of mesophilic lactic acid bacteria isolated from traditional cheeses made of raw milk without added starters. International Journal of Dairy Technology 69: 1-13.
  • Hajimohammadi Farimani, R., Habibi Najafi, M. B., Fazly Bazzaz, B. S., Edalatian, M. R., Bahrami, A. R., Flórez, A. B., Mayo, B. 2106. Identification, typing and functional characterization of dominant lactic acid bacteria strains from Iranian traditional yoghurt. European Food Research and Technology 242: 517-526.
  • Guadamuro, L., Jiménez-Girón, A., Delgado, S., Flórez, A. B., Martín-Álvarez, P. J., Suárez, A., Bartolomé, B., Moreno-Arribas, V., and Mayo, B. 2106. Profiling of phenolic metabolites in faeces from equol-producing and non-producing menopausal women after long-term isoflavone supplementation. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry 64: 210-21.
  • Flórez, A. B., I. Campedelli, S. Delgado, Á. Alegría, E. Salvetti, G. E. Felis, B. Mayo, and S. Torriani. 2106. Antibiotic susceptibility profiles of dairy Leuconostoc, analysis of the genetic basis of atypical resistances and transfer of genes in vitro and in a food matrix. PLoS One 11: e0145203.
  • Suebwongsa, N., Lulitanond, V., Mayo, B., Yotpanya, P., and Panya, M. 2106. Development of an Escherichia coli-Lactobacillus casei shuttle vector for heterologous protein expression in Lactobacillus casei. SpringerPlus 5: 169.