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Publicaciones Año 2013

  • Alegría, A.; Delgado, S.; Flórez, A.B.; Mayo, B. 2013. Identification, typing, and functional characterization of Leuconostoc spp. strains from traditional, starter-free cheeses Dairy Science and Technology. 93: 657-673. 10.1007/s13594-013-0128-3
  •  Álvarez-Martín, P.; Zycka-Krzesinska, J; Bardowski, J.; Mayo, B. 2013. Sequence analysis of plasmid pSP02 from Bifidobacterium longum M62 and construction of pSP02-derived cloning vectors. Plasmid. 69: 119-126. 10.1016/j.plasmid.2012.11.006
  •  Delgado, S.; Cabrera-Rubio, R.; Mira, A.; Suárez, A.; Mayo, B. 2013. Microbiological survey of the human gastric ecosystem using culturing and pyrosequencing Microbial Ecology 65: 763-772. 10.1007/s00248-013-0192-5
  • Delgado, S.; Rachid, C.T.C.C.; Fernández, E.; Rychlik, T.; Alegría, A.; Peixoto, R.S.; Mayo, B. 2013. Diversity of thermophilic bacteria in raw, pasteurized and selectively-cultured milk, as assessed by culturing, PCR-DGGE and pyrosequencing. Food Microbiology. 36: 103-111. 10.1016/
  •  Guglielmetti, S.; Mayo, B.; Álvarez-Martín, P. 2013. Mobilome and genetic modification of bifidobacteria. Beneficial Microbes. 1:143-166. 10.3920/BM2012.0031
  • Kafili, T.; Emam Djomeh, Z.; Mayo, B. 2013. Physiological biodiversity of lactobacillus strains isolated during traditional iranian lighvan cheese manufacturing. International Journal of Food Properties. 16: 9-17 10.1080/10942912.2010.526276
  • Losurdo, L.; Quintieri, L.; Caputo, L.; Gallerani, R.; Mayo, B.; De Leo, F. 2013. Cloning and expression of synthetic genes encoding angiotensin-I converting enzyme (ACE)-inhibitory bioactive peptides in Bifidobacterium pseudocatenulatum. FEMS Microbiology Letters. 340: 24-32. 10.1111/1574-6968.12068
  • Suebwongsa, N.; Panya, M.; Namwat, W.; Sookprasert, S.; Redruello, B.; Mayo, B.; Álvarez, M.A.; Lulitanond, V. 2013. Cloning and expression of a codon-optimized gene encoding the influenza A virus nucleocapsid protein in Lactobacillus casei. International Microbiology. 16: 93-101. 10.2436/20.1501.01.184
  • Zabala, D., Braña, A. F., Flórez, A. B., Salas, J. A., and Méndez, C. 2013. Engineering precursor metabolite pools for increasing production of antitumor mithramycins in Streptomyces argillaceus. Metabolic Engineering 20: 187–197


  • Mayo B.; Alonso L.; Alegría A. Blue Cheese. Páginas 277-288. En Handbook of Cheese in Health. Ed. Wageningen Academic Publishers. Países Bajos. ISBN: 978-90-8686-766-0.